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Water Damage on your Phone or Mobile Device

Now let’s talk about water damage on your phone or mobile device like your tablet or Kindle. First, water isn’t what hurts your phone. If you drop your phone in water DON’T turn it on. The faster you bring it in for service the better chance we have to save it.

If you tried to turn on your phone, that’s what probably hurt it. Water together with electricity creates a short circuit. Once your phone’s circuit board gets wet it starts to corrode. Corrosion is what damages a cell phone beyond repair.

Secondly. Let’s debunk the rice myth. You have probably heard of people who got their phone wet and then sealed it in a bag of rice for two days and then it worked. All that happened is that the phone dried out and it wasn’t damaged. The rice may have helped it dry faster but it’s not a magic bullet. The phone would have dried out anyway.

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So, What do we do if you bring us a water damaged phone? Well first we take it apart and look at all the connections under a microscope to check for signs of corrosion. If we find evidence of corrosion we clean it off the board. Then we replace the battery to your phone because your battery is probably defective.

After cleaning the board and changing the battery we try to power it on. At this point it may also need a new LCD. We won’t be able to tell untill we attempt to power on the phone. If it needs a new LCD we will install one. Then we test all the other parts to see if they still work including your ear speaker, microphone, antenna, cameras etc. We will replace each component that is inoperative.

So now you must ask yourself…Is it worth it to fix a water damaged phone? The answer is… it might be, It’s definitely a gamble as only about 60% of water damaged phones can be repaired. If it wasn’t in the water long and you didn’t try to turn it on then its probably repairable. If you waited 2-3 weeks to bring it in for service it may be too corroded to save.

So what does it cost to repair a water damaged phone? The answer is between $50.00-$300.00 and we will need the Phone for about a week.

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If you follow these tips there is a 75% chance we can fix it. We have to follow a corrosion removal process and at any point during the process, the phone may power on. However, it may never power on. In that case, you would pay $50.00 for the diagnostic. If it does power on we will charge for the parts that need to be replaced and a total of $100.00 labor. So your total could vary from $50.00-$300.00

Don’t turn it on

Don’t plug it into the charger

Bring it in for Service ASAP

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